PropertA - a much easier rental property management platform.


Easier to track communication, issues, rental and inspection with prompt notification and guided feature. Manage more properties that you like. Keep your digital assets against the property or rental.


In the cloud, nothing to install or update. Build from ground up for real estate. Runs on PCs,Macs,all major browsers. Native on iPhone, Android.


Report issues, track issues and track rental payments live. It’s Low cost, low risk, fast results, more convenience.

Self-managed Landlords

Keep you tidy and on track. All issues documents are stored, accessible anywhere.

Small But Powerful
with a few components

Cloud Based

Everything in the cloud, don’t need to install an app at all. Accessible anywhere any time.

Low Cost

Very cost effective, don’t need to spend big dollars on software to manage your properties.

Prompt Communications

Effective communication between agents, landlords and tenants. All messages are stored and tracked, so that you can always go back to view the history.

Multi-language Support

Bilingual switched in real time.


Prompt Communications


Know Your Customers
Work As A Team
Real-Time Dashboard

Keep A 360° Client View


Service Cloud

Data Migration
CRM Software


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